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EMAIL Copyright © 2009 Soluciones Instrumentales S.A.C. Todos los derechos reservados. Bone & cartilage bone & cartilage     home | about this site | feedback | site map monday, october 08, 2012                   chordoma   back to bone tumors - i | return to bone & cartilage 1: chordoma comments: chordoma is a rare tumor arising from remnants of the primitive notochord usually between 4th and 7th decades of life with a slight male predilection. The tumors arise in the midline region of the body and usually involve sacrococcygeal region and the base of the skull. It is slow growing, locally invasive, and rarely metastasizes. The 7 cm tumor shown here arose in the sacrococcygeal region. Grossly, it has soft, lobulated, pinkish-gray, gelatinous appearance with foci of hemorrhage. Image courtesy of dr. Bulent celasun, ankara, turkey. Used with permission. 2: chordoma comments: 60 y/o male with a 1-yr history of a gluteal mass, pain, and bowel incontinence. Radiographs showed a lytic lesion in the sacrum. Sacrococcygeal chordomas almost always cause pain at the tip of the spinal column. Bowel and bladder symptoms occur late and are due to pressure effects of tumor or destruction of nerves emerging from the spinal cord. Chordomas always show lobulated appearance with fibrous septa separating the lobules. 3: chordoma comments: higher magnification view of the previous slide shows sheets of tumor cells with eosinophilic or vacuolated cytoplasm. Many cells have multiple cytoplasmic vacuoles creating a soap bubble appearance. Such cells have been termed physaliferous cells. The nuclei are round and regular with no atypia. 4: chordoma - cytologic atypia comments: it is not unusual to have occasional foci of atypia in an otherwise unremarkable chordoma. The tumor cells in the focus shown here have abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and smudgy, pleomorphic nuclei with degenerate appearance. Mitotic activity is not increased. Such foci have no clinical/prognostic significance. 5: chordoma comments: this example of a sacrococcygeal chordoma illustrates the bubbly appearance of tumor cells (physaliferous cells). 6: chordoma comments: another case of a chordoma showing lobulated appearance at low power. buy generic viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheapest price on viagra buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra generic viagra 7: chordoma comments: the tumor cells are arranged in anastomosing cords in a myxoid background. 8: chordoma comments: some tumor cells have eosinophilic cytoplasm. Other show vacuolated, bubbly appearance. There is minimal nuclear atypia. 9: chordoma comments: cytoplasmic vacuolization can create a signet ring cell appearance in some areas of a chordoma. 10: chordoma comments: 59 y/o male who was found to have a large sacrococcygeal chordoma during work-up for bowel and bladder incontinence. The tumor cells are forming nests and anastomosing cords in a myxoid background. 11: chordoma comments: higher magnification view of the previous image highlighting epithelioid appearance due to abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm. In limited biopsy material, such foci may be mistaken for metastatic carcinoma. 12:.